Polymer Research Technologies. is a private BC-based company that has developed an innovative proprietary technology for recycling polyurethane industrial scrap and waste foam.

Our proprietary chemical process transforms the conventional industry cycle by recycling polyurethane waste into valuable polyols that can be re-used by manufacturers in all sectors of the polyurethane industry:

the very same manufacturers who provide the waste. Core to our technical innovation and commercial potential is the high degree of similarity to virgin polyol and its ability to be added to virgin polyol (up to 80%) without lessening the end product's quality. Our technology uses glycolysis, an established chemical process, to break down polyurethanes to a lower molecular weight and chemically transform it into a valuable, industry-acceptable, environmentally-friendly, reusable and low-cost liquid polyol. Our technological advancement is expected to transform the polyurethane industry by eliminating the problem of waste management, lowering the costs to manufacturers and reducing the industry’s dependence on oil-based virgin polyols. Produces high quality polyether polyol produced in several grades that are suitable for various applications. Our Recyclopol™ products are chemical commodities that can replace oil-derived virgin polyols. Rigid foam waste yields recycled polyols that can be reused to produce more rigid foam products, and flexible foam waste yields recycled polyols that can be reused to produce more flexible foam products.

Polymer Research uses novel chemical process technology to convert waste polyurethane foam into valuable polyols that are in high demand by the $80 Billion global polyurethane industry. For polyurethane foam manufacturers, we eliminate waste costs, reduce polyol prices and enable green recycled products to increase market share. Potential customers include polyurethane foam product manufacturers and system houses.

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