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BC Company revolutionize polyurethane industry

Vancouver based Polymer Research Technologies (PRT), a company that has developed a proprietary process to chemically recycle a variety of polyurethane and Isocyanurate foams, has signed a deal with Kingspan Group. According to the companies, the deal will forge the way to reduce waste foam from landfills worldwide.  

Once pilot testing is complete, PRT will divert insulation foam waste generated by Kingspan’s North American plants which is normally destined for landfills. The company converts it into a reusable, green, and lower cost chemical commodity, and gives Kingspan the first right of refusal to buy back the recycled polyol for re-use in producing building products for their international markets.    

“This deal is a huge vote of confidence for PRT and our technology,” says Kambiz Taheri, PRT Founder and CEO. “Kingspan is a global industry leader noted for their commitment to innovation and sustainable building solutions.”

Ralph Mannion, General Manager of Kingspan Insulated Panels North America says; “we are very interested in PRTs technology, which would allow us to take a waste product, recycle it, and use it again. It is the cradle-to-cradle aspect that we are excited about.”    

He adds that the potential for this technology is far reaching, and said; “this will be an industry first, and there is no doubt the entire industry will be taking notice.”